Why Mosaic Insight Group?

The world of market research is evolving, and we’re leading the way. After 15 years in traditional marketing research, Mosaic Insight Group is now a leader in using digital technology to give you a closer look at your consumer than you’ve ever had before.

We believe it’s a journey. Not a survey.

We are creating a fresh approach for consumer-driven market research. Mosaic Insight Group and Truth Tracker let the consumer take more control of the process, delivering  you more immediacy, sharing and insight.

Consumers are tied to their smart devices now more than ever and Mosaic Insight Group embraced this as an opportunity to take marketing research to a new level. By using mobile technology to fit information gathering into the fabric of everyday life, we are able to understand your consumer on deeper level.

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We combine this technology with more than 15 years of experience gathering insights for lifestyle, retail, food, and innovation brands to create tailor-made studies that maximize your research budget and bring your consumer’s voice to the table. We create lasting relationships with our clients to be a resource for the long-term.

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