Fresh insights for an age-old question: What do consumers really want?

Mosaic Insight Group uses Truth Tracker (link) to empower the consumer during the market research process. They provide the behavior and emotional connection, we provide the level of insight you need for your project. Our research helps:

  • Uncover authentic consumer attitudes
  • Inform marketing efforts by integrating real-life experience
  • Capture emotional and behavioral purchase drivers
  • Shape product development and innovation
  • Gather detailed insight in the aisle about purchase decisions

Mosaic Insight Group can provide complete support for your market research studies. Here are three ways we can help:

Do you want to understand your consumer inside and out?

Our Insight Immersion is an online consumer community where consumers invite you into their daily lives, opening up a pipeline of rich insight. In some recent in-depth consumer panels, our clients have focused on:

  • Understanding specific consumer segments
  • Tracking shopping or usage behavior
  • Gaining in-the-moment reporting (new customer experience, product usage)
  • Reviewing messaging or concept review
  • Testing innovation and new product design
  • Learning seasonal or situational buying habits

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This proprietary panel is a long-term strategy that helps your brand get to know your consumers on a deeper level. Typically project length is 6-12 months.

Do you want to know all about one specific topic?

Direct Discovery is designed to reveal insights on a core set of questions in one area – How digital are your consumers? How do they choose their children’s clothes? How do they buy frozen food? These conversations capture both the motivations and day-to-day details behind consumer’s decisions. This program is highly customizable and can deliver:

  • Answers to targeted category or product questions
  • The role your product plays in a consumer’s life
  • Insight on product messaging
  • Detailed tracking of purchase occasions

Typical engagement is 1-3 months.

Do you want to get your questions answered right away?

We offer core qualitative services that help your brand immediately tune into your consumer’s voice. Get the facts and knowledge you need fast in order to make educated decisions.

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