Truth Tracker

Wouldn’t you like to know how your consumers are interacting with your products in real-time?

MobileDev500We use mobile technology consumers are already immersed with to capture how your products exist in the context of daily life. It’s never been so easy to understand your consumers’ behaviors and emotions. 

Introducing the Truth Tracker

Allowing your consumers to lead the conversation elicits genuine, natural responses, showing the human behind the consumer. The Truth Tracker capitalizes on online social behaviors that allow us to follow consumers through their purchasing journey.

Using smart phone technology, consumers report their thoughts, feelings and attitudes while carrying on with their normal everyday routine. This approach brings consumer’s stories about your products to life through consumer-generated online feedback including pictures and video.

Why Use Truth Tracker?
  • Gain a deeper pulse on consumer behavior
  • Engage with consumers’ daily lives
  • Let consumers tell their story, their way

This consumer-centric approach allows Mosaic Insight Group to tackle market research questions with more unvarnished, immediate feedback. This extra insight gives brands a distinct advantage in understanding the story.

The Truth Tracker can be used for quick studies, as pre-support for traditional market research and over a longer period of time for more in-depth studies.

Want to understand more about how the Truth Tracker has helped national brands get the knowledge they need to lead the market?

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