See Your Audience in Three Dimensions

  • Immerse

  • Illuminate

  • Empower

Connect with your audience through
immersive human-focused research.

Integrated Online Research

  • Gain an in-depth, fully formed view of the daily life, decision making, and in-the-moment experiences of your audience.
  • Use an organic approach to get a full picture of your target’s wants and needs.
  • Dive below the surface through the utilization of imagery and video.
  • Maximize your budget with an efficient process.
  • Choose a standalone study or use as foundational input for a broader study.

Immersive Qualitative Insights

  • Obtain valuable insights with expertly moderated, in-depth conversations.
  • Apply new learning during each stage of analysis.
  • Dive below the surface through the utilization of imagery and video.
  • Dig into findings that are presented in an interactive and impactful way.
  • Feel confident that Jeanne will be an extension of your own team, from first contact through implementation of findings.

Jeanne Corrigan: Where Technology
and Human Connection Intersect.

Based in Austin, Texas, Jeanne Corrigan is surrounded by innovators, creatives, and risk-takers who continually inspire her. She is a consumer behavior strategist with more than 15 years in market research. Jeanne combines technology and human connection to give clients a more in-depth look at their audience.

Jeanne helps companies launch great ideas with a fresh, intuitive approach based on human understanding. Clients place their trust in Jeanne when they need a leading expert in digital qualitative market research.

Relying on her expertise in all aspects of qualitative research, Jeanne has helped tell the stories of and shape strategies for many long-term clients. These include brands such as Arizona State University, American Greetings, Navy Federal Credit Union, and Nestlé.

One of Jeanne’s key strengths is the way she connects with consumers and makes them feel comfortable; she is always approachable. There has not been a situation/study where I didn’t think she would be a great fit across all categories and consumer groups.

— Director of Knowledge & Research at a Major Food Brand
Plan Your Next Project

Get the Human Touch. At Scale.

Mosaic Insight creates tailor-made studies that optimize your research budget and bring your consumer's voice to the table. Jeanne has experience gathering insights for lifestyle, retail, food, and innovation brands, delivering results and data that drive client success and open up long-term client relationships.

It's a Journey. Not a Survey.

The world of market research is always evolving; the last thing you want is to fall behind.

Consumers are engaging with their smart devices now more than ever. Mosaic Insight embraces this trend as an opportunity to take marketing research to greater heights, using mobile technology to fit information gathering into the fabric of everyday life. This means you can understand your consumer on a more profound level with customized studies that fit your market research budget.

Conversation Drives Conversion

Your consumers are always sharing what they like and dislike with their trusted friends. Mosaic Insight connects with consumers in those intimate conversations to obtain a fuller picture of consumer behavior. By knowing when to dive into a topic and when to listen, Jeanne gains more insights from every interaction. Make better, more informed decisions around your brand and products by understanding your target consumer in three dimensions.